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I am a photographer based in Bedford.  I would describe my photography is observational but I also have a great love of the coast too .  So you either find me by the sea or, pre Covid, in a museum watching people walking up and down photogenic staircases.  

Being an active member within the Camera Club circuit, attending competitions and exhibitions throughout the UK, along with volunteering for the Royal Photographic Society , as well as being a part of the East Anglian Federation Executive Committee, keeps me busy.

There is also judging, giving talks and demonstrations to Clubs and Societies plus I also help those wishing to develop their camera craft and post processing skills, one to one or in small groups. I teach using Zoom so no matter where you live I can be in your study.


The Little Print Show

NEW FOR 2022/23 SEASON - An artistic approach to photography.

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Going Virtual

Teams or Zoom?

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Talk & Demo - Life in the Blender

Multiple Exposure & Blend Modes

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Talk - Compose Yourself

An introduction to key elements of Photographic Composition.

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Talk - Critique Evening

An opportunity to gain some feedback before it's judged

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Demo - Photoshop Live

The evening can be tailored for your club.

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Demo - NIK evening

A demonstration of the NIK suite of photographic filters

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Demo - Monochrome

Demo - Monochrome Conversions

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East Anglian Federation of Photographic Societies.

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Want to get a little more from your photographs?   Need some help with post processing?  Need to learn more about the camera?  How to prepare for print?

Working one to one greatly improves your chance of absorbing information.  A typical request for one to one:  Help me with post processing !  Spend a half, or full, day learning Photoshop from ground up.  If you are already understand it but just need some tips and techniques to remove those halos or use luminosity masks and blending modes then it can all be accommodated.

If its camera knowledge you are looking for then come out for a walk and let us get you off AUTO and turn your camera into something creative.

GROUPS by Zoom - If you wish to learn with others then why not join a zoom group.  A five session booking will cover all the basics.  Additional sessions in blocks of five cover tips and techniques to then help you apply and deliver the knowledge into your photographs.  Groups are limited to five people and also cover one to one break out sessions.

To discuss how we can help you get more from photography please contact us at

Upcoming Events

Judge31 Aug 2022Peterborough City CC
Judge11 Oct 2022Bottisham & Burwell
Talk12 Oct 2022Peterborough City CC
Judge13 Oct 2022Letchworth
Talk19 Oct 2022Corby, UK
Judge20 Oct 2022Ampthill
Judge02 Nov 2022Ware
Talk03 Nov 2022Ampthill
Judge08 Nov 2022Billericay, Photofold
Judge09 Nov 2022Ely
Judge10 Nov 2022Ashford
Judge14 Nov 2022Northampton
Judge15 Nov 2022Braintree
Talk16 Nov 2022Kempston
Judge17 Nov 2022Penwith Photo Group
Judge22 Nov 2022Doncaster
Talk28 Nov 2022Kettering PS
Talk29 Nov 2022Bedford
Talk30 Nov 2022Windlesham & Camberley CC
Talk01 Dec 2022Inspire Group
Judge05 Dec 2022Potters Bar
Judge06 Dec 2022Melbourn
Talk08 Dec 2022March CC
Judge12 Dec 2022Chingford
Judge10 Jan 2023St Ives
Talk12 Jan 2023Letchworth Garden City, UK
Talk16 Jan 2023Cambridge CC
Talk17 Jan 2023Melbourn
Judge18 Jan 2023Leighton Buzzard
Talk19 Jan 2023Royston
Talk30 Jan 2023Potters Bar
Talk01 Feb 2023Cley next the Sea, Holt, UK
Judge02 Feb 2023Hitchin
Judge07 Feb 2023East Ipswich
Judge16 Feb 2023Chelmsford
Talk06 Mar 2023Chingford
Judge07 Mar 2023Colchester, UK
Talk09 Mar 2023Hitchin
Judge13 Mar 2023Stowmarket
Talk15 Mar 2023Ware and District
Judge23 Mar 2023H2 PS
Judge28 Mar 2023Peterborough PS - Bill Dunn
Judge30 Mar 2023Biggleswade
Judge04 Apr 2023Bishop's Stortford, UK
Talk11 Apr 2023Duston
Talk13 Apr 2023Biggleswade
Judge18 Apr 2023Bedford
Judge19 Apr 2023Deepings CC
Talk20 Apr 2023Swavesey
Judge27 Apr 2023New City
Judge03 May 2023Kempston
Talk04 May 2023Selby
Judge16 Oct 2023Chingford
Judge04 Dec 2023Kettering
Judge06 Dec 2023Kempston

Past Events

Talk26 Jul 2022Duston
Talk05 May 2022Kirkbymoorside
Judge30 Apr 2022Penwith
Judge29 Apr 2022Pen CC
Judge27 Apr 2022Northampton NHS
Judge25 Apr 2022Swansea, UK
Judge21 Apr 2022Swavesey, Cambridge, UK
Judge20 Apr 2022Leighton Buzzard
Judge19 Apr 2022East Ipswich
Talk13 Apr 2022Llanelli
Talk07 Apr 2022Kelso
Judge05 Apr 2022Bishop's Stortford, UK
Talk31 Mar 2022March
Judge29 Mar 2022Melbourn
Talk28 Mar 2022Hoddesdon
Judge24 Mar 2022Letchworth Garden City, UK
Judge23 Mar 2022Llanelli Photographic Society
Talk22 Mar 2022West Haddon PC
Talk21 Mar 2022Kettering PS
Judge19 Mar 2022Sheffield PS
Talk16 Mar 2022Ely
Judge15 Mar 2022Harrow
Judge14 Mar 2022Kirkcaldy, UK
Judge11 Mar 2022Seaford
Judge03 Mar 2022Ashford PS
Judge02 Mar 2022Kempston
Judge01 Mar 2022Peterborough
Judge28 Feb 2022Kettering PS
Judge23 Feb 2022Littlehampton
Judge22 Feb 2022Royston, UK
Judge21 Feb 2022Shillington
Talk15 Feb 2022Melbourn
Judge14 Feb 2022Chingford, London, UK
Talk07 Feb 2022Chingford
Judge02 Feb 2022Peterborough City
Judge01 Feb 2022Colchester, UK
Talk31 Jan 2022Potters Bar
Judge27 Jan 2022Glasgow - Queens Park CC
Judge25 Jan 2022Duston
Talk20 Jan 2022Biggleswade
Talk19 Jan 2022Kempston
Judge18 Jan 2022Westfield PC Sheffield
Judge - Chris Pike Memorial17 Jan 2022Stevenage, UK
Judge12 Jan 2022Padiham CC
Judge11 Jan 2022St Ives, UK
Judge09 Dec 2021Biggleswade
Judge08 Dec 2021Leeds
Judge07 Dec 2021Melbourn
Talk04 Dec 2021RPS Digital Imaging Group
Judge02 Dec 2021Hitchin, UK
Talk30 Nov 2021Bebington, Wirral, UK
Judge29 Nov 2021Hoddesdon
Judge25 Nov 2021Norwich - 3 way
Judge24 Nov 2021Ely - 3 Way Battle
Talk18 Nov 2021Royston
Judge16 Nov 2021Ilkeston
Judge15 Nov 2021Potters Bar, UK
Judge10 Nov 2021Ware - Mel Cup R1
Talk09 Nov 2021Melbourn
Judge08 Nov 2021Edmonton
Judge03 Nov 2021Kempston
Judge02 Nov 2021Rushden & District
Talk30 Oct 2021Cambridge Photography Show
Judge27 Oct 2021Corby
Judge26 Oct 2021St Neots
Judge21 Oct 2021Ampthill
Judge20 Oct 2021St Andrews
Judge19 Oct 2021Bottisham & Burwell
Talk14 Oct 2021Hawarden Photographic Society
Judge09 Sep 2021Great Barr
Judge06 Sep 2021Corley & Fillongley
Judge01 Sep 2021Peterborough City
Judge12 Jul 2021Northampton CC
Judge - AE feedback29 Jun 2021Bishop's Stortford
Judge16 Jun 2021Nothampton NHS - tbc
Judge01 Jun 2021Luton & Dunstable
Judge25 May 2021Norwich & District
Judge20 May 2021Kirkbymoorside & District
Judge04 May 2021Bottisham & Burwell
Judge30 Apr 2021Brentwood
Judge27 Apr 2021Peter Brotherhood Cup
Judge26 Apr 2021Chingford, London, UK
Annual Exhibition24 Apr 2021Bishop's Stortford, UK
Judge22 Apr 2021New City PS
Judge21 Apr 2021Northampton NHS
Annual Exhibition Opening20 Apr 2021Bedford CC
Judge15 Apr 2021Leigh-on-Sea
Critique13 Apr 2021Bedford
Judge12 Apr 2021Stevenage
Judge07 Apr 2021Kempston
Judge - Annual Exhibition06 Apr 2021Bedford CC
Talk06 Apr 2021Luton & Dunstable
Judge30 Mar 2021St Ives
Judge - Annual Exhibition27 Mar 2021Bishop's Stortford, UK
Annual Exhibition Feedback19 Mar 2021Saffron Walden, UK
Talk17 Mar 2021Kempston
Central Club Challenge11 Mar 2021Milton Keynes, UK
Talk04 Mar 2021Ely
Talk03 Mar 2021Deepings
Judge02 Mar 2021Rhyl, UK
Talk01 Mar 2021Potters Bar, UK
Judge25 Feb 2021Hitchin, UK
Talk23 Feb 2021Bedford, UK
Judge18 Feb 2021Felixstowe, UK
Judge16 Feb 2021Melbourn
Judge01 Feb 2021Hoddesdon, UK
Judge26 Jan 2021Norwich & District
Judge25 Jan 2021Benfleet
Talk13 Jan 2021Ely PC
Talk11 Jan 2021Chingford, London, UK
Talk07 Jan 2021New City PS
Talk17 Dec 2020Royston
Talk16 Dec 2020Leighton Buzzard, UK
Judge10 Dec 2020Bury St Edmunds
Judge03 Dec 2020Ampthill, Bedford, UK
Talk26 Nov 2020Pontefract & Wakefield
Judge24 Nov 2020Guernsey
Talk19 Nov 2020Inspire, Northampton
Talk09 Nov 2020Shillington
Talk05 Nov 2020Hitchin, UK
Judge04 Nov 2020Kempston, Bedford, UK
Judge03 Nov 2020St Neots, Saint Neots, UK
Judge - CANCELLED02 Nov 2020Potters Bar, UK
Talk22 Oct 2020Biggleswade, UK
Judge21 Oct 2020Leighton Buzzard, UK
Judge07 Oct 2020Ely PC - PDI
Talk06 Oct 2020Bottisham & Burwell
Talk10 Sep 2020Chalfont & Gerrards Cross
Judge03 Sep 2020Kempston - Online
Judge22 Jul 2020Peterborough City CC
Talk - (Virtual)18 Jun 2020Ampthill & District CC
Talk - (Virtual)04 Jun 2020Ampthill & District CC
Judge (Virtual)13 May 2020Leighton Buzzard, UK
Judge (Virtual)07 May 2020Northampton NHS
Judge - (Virtual)30 Apr 2020A&DCC
Judge28 Apr 2020Duston, Northampton, UK
Talk06 Apr 2020Hoddesdon, UK
Judge02 Apr 2020Swavesey, Cambridge, UK
Talk23 Mar 2020Potters Bar, UK
Talk22 Mar 2020Godmanchester, UK
Judge18 Mar 2020Northampton NHS
Talk05 Mar 2020Inspire Northampton
Talk04 Mar 2020Peterborough City CC
Judge03 Mar 2020Luton & Dunstable
Judge25 Feb 2020Bedford, UK
Talk19 Feb 2020Kempston, Bedford, UK
Talk17 Feb 2020Shillington, UK
Talk13 Feb 2020Swavesey, Cambridge, UK
Judge11 Feb 2020Peterborough, UK
Judge07 Feb 2020Gamlingay, Sandy, UK
Talk06 Feb 2020Ampthill, Bedford, UK
Talk23 Jan 2020New City - Milton Keynes
Talk22 Jan 2020Ely, UK
Judge21 Jan 2020Bottisham & Burwell
Talk09 Dec 2019Cambridge CC
Judge01 Dec 2019Godmanchester, UK
Talk26 Nov 2019Luton & Dunstable
Judge25 Nov 2019Stevenage
Judge20 Nov 2019Ely
Judge18 Nov 2019Hoddesdon Camera Club
Judge15 Nov 2019Saffron Walden
Judge14 Nov 2019Letchworth Garden City, UK
Judge13 Nov 2019Leighton Buzzard
Talk12 Nov 2019Bedford CC
Judge07 Nov 2019Biggleswade
Judge05 Nov 2019St Ives, Saint Ives, Cambridgeshire, UK
Judge04 Nov 2019Potters Bar
Talk31 Oct 2019Ampthill & District CC
Judge30 Oct 2019Ware District PS
Talk28 Oct 2019Windsor PS
Judge17 Oct 2019Hitchin Camera Club
Talk16 Oct 2019Kempston, Bedford, UK
Judge09 Oct 2019Northampton NHS
Annual Exhibition14 Sep 2019Shillington & District CC
Judge04 Sep 2019Kempston Camera Club
Talk08 Aug 2019Smethwick PS
Talk17 Jul 2019Kempston Camera Club
Judge - Annual Exhibition16 Jul 2019Shillington & District CC
Judge12 Jul 2019Desborough Camera Club
Judge08 Jul 2019Chingford Camera Club
Judge01 Jul 2019Hoddesdon Camera Club
Royal Photographic Society Exhibition Selection12 May 2019Foxton, Cambridge, UK
Talk09 May 2019Nothampton - Inspire
Judge08 May 2019Leighton Buzzard Photographic Society
Judge01 May 2019Buckingham Camera Club
Royal Photographic Society - Walk27 Apr 2019Dovercourt & Harwich
Judge - Annual Exhibition20 Apr 2019Stevenage PS
Talk15 Apr 2019Stevenage PS

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